Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ethics, Chapter 1

Well, we finished the 48 hours video that had a few more scenarios.  After the money scenario, it had the Danny Almonte baseball case where his parents/coach forged his birth certificate so that he could play with 13 year olds.  After that, we started chapter 1.  Chapter 1 covers many different topics:  Ethics, Morals, History of Law, Constitutional Law, Statute Law, Common Law, Court Decisions, and Administrative Regulations.  You can find the PowerPoint here.  Make sure that you complete vocabulary, EOS ?'s for both sections, and to illustrate Figure 1.3 on page 15.  :P

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ethics...What do they mean to you?

This marks the start of the Business Law course, with the Ethics Unit.  Law would have no basis, if it weren't for ethics.  Because of the shortened period time, we will only be able to start the 48 hours video.  This is a great video that has 3 scenarios.  It discusses the big cheating scandal at the Naval Academy, the High School teacher who had to resign because her kids cheated and she failed them for it.  And lastly, what would you do if you found a money bag?  Would you return it?  Keep it?  This is a great video, and it demonstrates ethics and what it means.